The First Black Veil Bride Fans Community.

Black veil brides slash fiction community
marilyn manson
Hey :) i didn't really know where to let people know about this but i thought this would be a good place
I made a Black Veil Brides slash fiction community :)

Please check it out and join :) we haven't got any fics right now :(

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Alesana [6]
All Time Low [9]

Andy Sixx [3]
Mafia 2 [5]
Christopher Drew [1]


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Uh.. ?
Aiden - Sing
Does.. no one ever post in this?
Is anyone even watching and paying attention and alive on LJ?

I just joined this comm and am in a little situation I need help with.

I live in downtown Chicago, IL and desperately want to see BVB at Fiesta in Tinley Park later this month. Is there ANYONE who can drive that would be willing to give me (and maybe my room mate) ride to and from the Metra station and venue? (Maybe the Red Line if the Metra ends before show is over with) I'd be willing to pay for some gas or whatever but aahh I haven't been to a concert since May and I'm kinda going through withdrawls and really REALLY want to go to this show!!

Please send me a PM if anyone is able to do this, I would love you forever. <3333


Welcome to the first Black Veil Brides fans community!

We except everything here, from fics and picspams to tour updates and just some fun facts about them!

There just are a few rules though.

  • Try use correct grammar and spelling to make it easier for our members who don't speak english has their first language
  • Respects others opinions, we will not stand for rudeness.
  • Try to keep the topics you post about Black Veil Brides
  • FanFics ARE allowed and are encouraged!
  • Have fun and make new friends!



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